Bhutan Culture Tours includes traveling by vehicle through the Bhutanese countryside, with optional walks and day hikes to visit temples, monasteries and villages.

Culture tours also include visiting museums, handicraft shops, and weekend markets, where you will be introduced to Bhutanese food and eating habits.

This tours will introduce you to Bhutan and its unique culture and tradition. Bhutan Cultural tours are an excellent way to experience the people and culture of Bhutan.

Each night, one stays in comfortable guesthouses or well done small hotels, or homestay arrangements for a night to experience the Bhutanese farm house. While not as demanding as trekking, these trips are well suited for those travelers who wish to learn about Bhutan’s culture and environment, without the physical demands of trekking.

The culture tour can combine with trekking tours and coincide with any festival events; we can make your Bhutan holiday itinerary exactly the way you want!

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Best Seasons:March-May, Sept-Nov
Popular Location:Tiger Nest, Jampa Lhakhang, Ta Dzong


Bhutan cultural tour is an ideal tour for the person who loves to see the Bhutanese Culture, society and glorious mountains scenery